Put the world into perspective..

Being in the African bush on foot is like looking up to the stars at night. It slows you down, it humbles you. When you encounter game on foot, your senses are heightened, your heart is racing, adrenalin is surging through your body....you feel alive. To be on foot is about sharing space, listening and showing respect. It is about putting the world around us, the world we live in, into perspective.

Walking safaris are led by a handful of carefully selected trails guides and typically last for about 3 to 4 nights, and are conducted in the Big Five private reserves and National Parks of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The emphasis is on the experience, so don't arrive expecting 4 star luxury. If you are worried about dirty fingernails , sharing loo's and frizzy hair, then this is not your thing. If you are keen on touching on an understanding of the great Circle of Life, showering under the stars and sharing stories around the fire at night, then your expectations will be exceeded.